Monday, May 24, 2010

Need Help Landing Your Dream Job?

PHILIPPE DESROCHERS of 24 Hours Vancouver posted a great article today about landing your dream job and offered a free coaching session to those submitting an essay. I think it's an incredible strategy.

"Over the past two years I have written about being persuasive, approach letters, providing sample work, phoning employers and booking job interviews. These are very effective tools to have a significant advantage in your job search.

The latest development in my work has revealed that when you combine these tools together as a targeted strategy, you are in a position to actually invent a job. Employers actually create a job just for you."

"I proved to you in this article that the invent-a-job market is very real. Now it is your turn to convince me why you want to invent a job for yourself and learn the strategy. Send me a 250-word essay explaining the benefits to you. The entry with the most convincing piece will win a free coaching session where I will teach you the method.

To learn more about the Invent-a-Job Strategy, email me personally at Feel free to visit my site as well at"

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